Registration is requested for participants who want to present their papers at the conference. Otherwise, their papers will not be included in the conference proceedings.

  Before 30 June 2024 After 1 July 2024
High income country
Non IWA CNY 4200 CNY 4950
IWA CNY 3100 CNY 3650
YWP CNY 2380 CNY 2800
Low income country
Non IWA CNY 3360 CNY 3960
IWA CNY 2480 CNY 2920
YWP CNY 1900 CNY 2240


  1. For a complete list of low income countries, please referred to
  2. YWPs refer to students with certificates to be shown on the conference reception.
  3. Cancellation is only possible before 31 July 2024 via email to Dr. He Refund will be made after deducting an agency fee of 7% and additional deduction may occur when an invoice has been officially issued.
  4. To become an IWA member, please visit the link below.