Plenary and Keynote Speakers

Prof. Jun Ma

Harbin Institute of Technology

Challenges of urban water quality and advances of oxidation processes for water treatment

Prof. Glen T Daigger

University of Michigan

Perspectives and challenges in industrial water management

Prof. Pen-Chi Chiang

Taiwan University

Integration of green energy and energy-efficient technology in wastewater treatment plant towards sustainable development goals

Prof. Sven Uwe Geissen

Technische Universität Berlin

Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) – a sustainable solution

Prof. Yu-You Li

Tohoku University

New development of anaerobic MBR and Anammox technology

Prof. Qilin Li

Rice University

Selective removal of ionic contaminants by nanocomposite membranes/films: mechanisms and applications

Prof. Jiangyong Hu

National University of Singapore

Coupled AOP and biological processes for industrial wastewater treatment

Prof. Sami Sayadi

Qatar University

Textile wastewater treatment using an aerobic submerged membrane bioreactor

Prof. Weixing Li

Nanjing Tech University

Zero liquid dischargement process for treating paper making wastewater using integrated membrane system

Prof. Luming Ma

Tongji University

Mechanism of catalytic ozonation for wastewater treatment and packing Fe-based catalyst development

Prof. Lin Tang

Hunan University

Removal of refractory organics from wastewater by biochar

Prof. Zhaoliang Cui

Nanjing Tech University

Fluoropolymeric membranes for water treatment: Research, industrialization and application